By Percy Flage
Washington Pest staff

Washington, DC — The Affordable Care Act, passed into law in 2010, today came out in support of repealing the current Republican Congress. The Act, informally known as Obamacare, cited excessive partisanship, rampant hypocrisy, and general subservience to the wealthy few as reasons why the Republican Congress shouldn't stand. "They spent the last decade giving the executive branch the power to spy on people or imprison them without any accountability, and then they call me big government," the Act said. "They posture about deficits and then pass tax cuts and start wars without paying for any of it. Clearly we need to repeal and replace them," it said, adding that it would figure out the last part later.

Other legislation offered mixed views on whether repeal was a good idea. "I'm all in favor of diversity, but these guys are a major threat to the political and economic ecosystem," said the Endangered Species Act. "If protecting their species costs jobs then maybe it's better to let them go extinct." But the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 was less than enthusiastic. "It's true that these guys' main selling point, that they're fiscally responsible, is completely ridiculous," said the EGTRRA. "My very existence is proof of that. And yeah, some of them are just nuts. A lot of them, actually. But I remain convinced that we need them around. There's a very good reason. Give me a little while and I'm sure I'll think of it."

"Percy, Percy, Percy, who's been putting these ideas into your head?" commented the USA PATRIOT Act. "It's that little blonde who you've been talking to on the train on the way to work, isn't it. You might not be so eager to talk to her if you knew about some of the things she reads in her spare time."

In order to take effect, repeal would need to be passed by the voting public. In the event it does, the 2002 Help America Vote Act has pledged to veto it.