The Chicago Tribune reports on activities of DuPage County Sheriff John Zaruba that would be considered endemic of rampant corruption if Cook County Democrats did them:
  • The Zaruba campaign has regularly sent letters to employees seeking donations—helping him raise a much larger portion of his campaign cash from deputies than other current sheriffs. Scores of his employees also have done campaign work.
  • Political supporters were more likely to receive promotions—at times over peers who scored higher on tests and job reviews. He promoted one supporter over more than 20 higher-ranking deputies.
  • Political supporters also have been more likely to receive lighter discipline in recent years than nonsupporters. One federal suit alleging favoritism led to a $65,000 settlement, while other suits are pending.

Sadly, there will probably be no consequences for Mr. Zaruba, since the first law of DuPage government is that there are never any consequences for anything.