I've done "Who to vote for" posts a number of times, and the only ones I ever hear back from are the ones who I don't recommend. So, screw it. Here are people who should not under any circumstances be put into the offices they're running for. Find their names on the ballot, and vote for the other person.

Do not vote for #1: Donald Trump

Does anyone really need to be told this? Both in terms of his experience and his personal temprament, Trump is the last person who should be anywhere near the Oval Office. My dog would make a better president, and I don't own a dog. His much-touted business acumen consists of how to get investors to finance projects and then take the losses when they go bad. He then takes a big tax deduction for the money that he didn't actually lose, allowing him to keep living off of the money he inherited from daddy. Or he just runs straight-out con games, like his so-called university. Trump's not only a liar, but an extremely clumsy liar, who frequently swears up and down he hasn't said something when there's video all over the Internet of him saying it. He's sexually assaulted women and bragged about it, and his biggest supporters are white supremacists. Oh, and he knows basically nothing about policy, and the people he surrounds himself with are the worst right-wingers. There's much, much more, but you get the point.

Do not vote for #2: Gary Johnson

You might think that this guy is a serious and worthy alternative to Trump. Sadly, you'd be wrong. Johnson's ineptness on foreign policy is well-known; when asked by an interviewer on national TV, he couldn't name one foreign leader. Even on the domestic front, his policies are mostly a warmed-over version of Republican pro-corporate austerity. Yeah, he'll legalize marijuana, but you won't be able to afford any, because after he repeals labor law your job will pay eighty cents an hour with no health or other benefits.

Do not vote for #3: Mark Kirk

Basically everything about this guy is phony, but especially so is his reputation as an independent voice in Congress. He's built it by picking votes where he knew his vote wouldn't make a difference, because there was already a majority committed to one side or the other, and then and only then voting against his party. When it comes down to it he's a standard-issue Republican, the kind that think government shouldn't be protecting your health but should be protecting Wall Street profits.

Do not vote for #4: Leslie Munger

Bruce Rauner has been an absolute disaster for Illinois. Unfortunately barring impeachment we can't get rid of him this term but we can get his hand-picked self-described wingman out of the Comptroller's office, who openly brags in TV commercials about planning withhold pay from legislators if they don't bow to Rauner's agenda. Separation of powers? Nope, never heard of it.

Do not vote for #5: Pete DiCianni

DiCianni in a debate said that we have crime because we just aren't giving police the tools they need to do their jobs. I guess having enough military armaments to destroy most small countries, and being able to murder unarmed black people with no real consequences are just not enough. His web site says he would like to "Amend or replace Obama care with a better, lower cost, bi-partisan solution." What might that be? Only Pete and his proctologist know, and neither one is telling. Making health care a public service as other countries have done would be better and lower-cost, but somehow I don't think that's what he has in mind. Interesting fact, you can drive through the Eighth District and find many different places where DiCianni's campaign has found places where his opponent's signs were and put his own signs an inch in front them. That should give you an idea of how strong his ethics and morals are.

Do not vote for #6: Seth Lewis

This guy claims to be independent, which is kind of laughable if you read his financial reports. He's gotten literally hundreds of thousands of dollars and in-kinds from the Illinois Republican Party, the RSSCC, and various local power players. Most of these sources are in turn funded by Rauner and various other billionaires. So independence isn't what it used to be. Lewis' issues positions are vague to a fault, and he's taken very few definite stands, but I hear he's strongly in favor of sunny days and cute puppies. Unless the person he's talking to isn't, of course.

Do not vote for #7: Heidi Holan

I've met Ms. Holan (who shall not be referred to as "Heidi Ho," not even by those of us who appreciate classic Blood, Sweat, and Tears tunes, because that would be wrong) at my train station twice. She is an energetic campaigner. What she lacks is any ideas that would actually solve the budget problems she decries. Her specific proposal is workman's compensation "reform" that she admits would only save about $500 million. That may sound like a lot but it's less than $50 per person, a drop in the bucket of a state budget in the tens of billions. Holan is opposed to a graduated income tax or any other measure that would target the rich, which might have something to do with who is financing her campaign.

Do not vote for #8: Chris Kachiroubas

Kachiroubas has been a somewhat low-key player in DuPage politics, and there aren't the kind of horror stories about him like there are about some of the others. But while he's not Cronin or Berlin, he's a central cog in the system that brought us those guys and more.

Do not vote for #9: Bob Grogan

That Grogan is the incumbent County Auditor and at the same time the Chair of the Downers Grove Township Republicans should tell you all you need to know. Can we say fox guarding the henhouse? This is akin to being a sports referee and at the same time the president of the home team recruiting committee. Anyone who seriously thinks that one of the guys charged with protecting county elected officials' positions can also be an impartial watchdog, please leave your contact information in comments, because I have a bridge to sell you, cheap.

Do not vote for #10: Fred Bucholz

Again, not a lot of specific history here, though it should be noted that Bucholz' buddies tried to keep his opponent off the ballot so he could run unopposed. Yet another Republican who thinks that their party owns the county and the rest of us just live here.

Do not vote for #11: Richard Blass

Incumbent Liz Chaplin has been one of the very few elected officials in DuPage who actually looks out for the public, and actually practices the fiscal responsibility and opposition to government waste that the Republicans love to talk about. She pretty much single-handedly stopped the county clerk from accepting extra personal compensation for work at the Forest Preserve that was done by employees at the Clerk's office. She's spoken out against the County Board giving themselves fat paychecks and generous benefits for a job that only requires maybe ten hours a week work. The list goes on. Blass, her opponent, is in a lot of ways the anti-Liz. As a Bellwood police officer, he was suspended and eventually fired, which some say was for personal use of police resources. Blass is also claiming a Daily Herald endorsement on his campaign lit, which is disingenuous to put it mildly; the Herald did endorse Blass over his three Republican opponents in the primary but picked Chaplin in the general.

Do not vote for #12: Liam Brennan

A lot of DuPage Republicans aren't fond of democracy and would rather knock their opponents off the ballots using alleged legal technicalities than actually compete on their merits. Brennan, or parties acting on his behalf, takes it to new lows. Thomas Laz, Brennan's Republican primary opponent, was challenged on the basis that his voter signatures didn't exactly resemble the signatures that the same persons had signed when registering to vote forty years ago. They tried the same thing on his Democratic opponent, Jennifer Wiesner. When that failed, they tried to disqualify Wiesner on the grounds that she had not raised her right hand as her statement of candidacy was being notarized. You remember how this was a requirement for every other candidate, right? Me neither. This challenge was upheld by Dan Cronin's hand-picked Election Commissioners, but it was challenged in court and not even the local Republican judges could sustain such a ridiculous decision. Naturally, Brennan claims that he himself had no involvement in any of this, but even if we believe him, we should ask what it is about him that makes him so loved by people who hate democracy.