Because nobody asked for it.... My candidate choices for the Democratic primary are here, with explanation of reasons below the fold. I should emphasize that I am speaking for myself only, not for York Township Democratic Organization nor anyone else. Also, since I'm friends with some of the people running here, let's be clear that these recommendations are based only on which persons I see as the better fit for the particular job for which they're contesting, and not on who I like or don't like on a personal level.

Governor: Pat Quinn
DuPage County Board District 4: M. Moon Khan
State Central Committee District 8: Rose Fitzpatrick and Bob Wagner
Precinct Committee York Township Precinct 55: Arthur Biladeau

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Pat Quinn's record as governor has been a mixed bag. He's the only governor in recent memory who's made a serious and honest attempt to address Illinois' budget problems. But his approach has mostly centered around pension and spending cuts while the real root of the problem is the state's regressive tax system. If there were a strong progressive challenger, I'd consider backing him or her. But Tio Hardiman doesn't seem to have the resources to compete state-wide and if up against someone like Bruce Rauner would likely be overwhelmed.

DuPage County District Four which includes the Wheaton bible belt will be a difficult pick-up for any Democrat. M. Moon Khan only recently became a Democrat, but since then he's made a good-faith effort to support the local party. His opponent, Jeremy R. Custer, also a former Republican according to his primary voting record, has only recently moved into the district from Chicago, something that won't elicit trust from the average DuPage voter; if that weren't enough to doom any chance he would have against a long-time incumbent like Grant Eckhoff, there's this from barely over four years ago. Even Khan, who is a former township trustee and has much stronger roots in the community, will have a tough time winning this one. His strategy, to energize and bring out Asian-Americans and others who don't traditionally vote in large numbers, is a longshot. With a similar approach he didn't even come close to winning as village of Lombard president. But him as the nominee will certainly bring out some of those voters, which will benefit all of the party's other candidates up and down the ballot.

The state central committee manages the affairs of the Democratic Party of Illinois, including electing the state party chair. The current chair, Michael Madigan, is getting on in years, so those elected to the committee this time around may well face the important task of picking a new one. I personally know all of the candidates for District 8; three out of four are friends whom I've worked closely with in the local party. Carol B. Davis brings great enthusiasm, energy, and passion, but the SC needs careful judgment and the ability to keep one's head in a tense situation, and Rose Fitzpatrick has the edge there. Mike Noland has been a strong independent voice in the state senate, while Bob Wagner has served with integrity and thoughtful dedication in a number of positions, currently on the Villa Park board of trustees. As someone who holds no office in state government, Wagner brings a citizen's perspective to the Central Committee position that isn't possible for a sitting legislator. Fitzpatrick and Wagner are endorsed.

I wouldn't normally butt into a local precinct-level race, but the current York 55 election is a true David vs. Goliath scenario. Arthur Biladeau, one of the best precinct walkers in the area, is being challenged by Thomas Cullerton, the current State Senator for the district. Cullerton has the advantages of money access and name recognition, but as a sitting legislator he can't put the time into working the precinct that Biladeau does. Biladeau is a self-described regular guy with no political aspirations, the kind of person we need to be more involved, not less.