Akane is the youngest daughter of Soun Tendo, the only one of the three who does martial arts. She has always had a bad temper and generally disliked men. The exception to this was family physician Dr. Tofu, whom she had a crush on until she accepted the fact that Tofu loved her sister Kasumi. Meanwhile Akane spent much of her time at school fending off would-be boyfriends, including Upperclassman Tatewaki Kuno.

One day Soun's old friend Genma arrived with his sex-changing son Ranma. Soun and Genma announced that Ranma would be married to one of the Tendo daughters; the other two sisters nominated Akane. For Ranma and Akane it was bickering at first sight. He called her an uncute tomboy and said that his girl form was better built than she was. She called him a jerk and a pervert, and inflicted slapstick violence on him. This sort of thing became a familiar sight around the Tendo home and Furinkan High School. Over time he and Akane have come to truly care for one another, but they are unlikely to admit it either to themselves or to anyone else.

Personality: Dealing with Akane is not unlike walking through a mine field. She is normally pleasant and friendly until she is rubbed the wrong way (something which Ranma has a talent for doing), at which point her temper may explode. She is often clumsy, and she is generally inept at traditional feminine pursuits, especially cooking.

Appearance: Akane wears her hair short, ever since it got cut accidentally during a battle between Ranma and Ryoga. She looks pretty much like a typical Japanese teenager. At school she wears the standard uniform, while outside of school she dresses in a variety of fashionable outfits.

18 STR 8
20 DEX 30
19 CON 18
11 BODY 2
10 INT 0
8 EGO -4
15 PRE 5
16 COM 3
12 PD 8
10 ED 6
4 SPD 10
8 REC 0
38 END 0
30 STUN 0
Characteristics Cost: 86

1 Acrobatics 8-
3 Breakfall 13-
5 1 Levels: Martial Arts,related group
3 Concealment 11-
4 PS: Student 13-
4 WF,Common Melee,Common Missile
4 Martial Block
4 Martial Dodge
4 Martial Disarm
4 M Strike
5 Off Strike
8 Damage Class +2DC
2 KS: Skating 11-
3 +3" Superleap 2

Powers Cost: 54
Total Cost: 140

Base Points: 100
10 Watched,"Father, Soun Tendo",as powerful,non-combat
influence,mild,appear 14-
5 Watched,"Principal Kuno",more powerful,non-combat influence,
limited area,mild,appear 8-
10 Unluck,2D6
15 Rivalry,"Shampoo, Kodachi, Ukyo",both,PC rival
15 Psych Lim,"Bad Temper",common,strong
15 Psych Lim,"Jealous over Ranma (but won't admit it)",common,

Disadvantages Total: 70
Experience Spent: 0
Total Points: 170