Kodachi is the sister of Upperclassman Tatewaki Kuno. She attends St. Hebereke School for Girls (Hebereke means something like "dead drunk") where she is captain of the martial arts gymnastics team. Although she is capable of defeating most normal opponents fairly, she prefers to use dirty tricks. Her opponents frequently meet with unfortunate accidents and are forced to forfeit.

A match between St. Hebereke and Furinkan brought Kodachi into contact with Ranma in both of his forms; like her brother, she is seemingly incapable of understanding that the two are one and the same. With male Ranma it was love (or lust) at first sight for Kodachi. She paralyzed him with a sneak chemical attack, and would have had her way with him had not Akane Tendo interrupted. Female Ranma was Kodachi's opponent in the martial arts gymnastics match. Kodachi incorrectly assumed that this pig-tailed girl was in love with Ranma.

Personality: Kodachi is the type who knows what she wants and takes it, no matter what is required. She doesn't see anything wrong with drugging Ranma's food in order to get him to stay with her, for example. Many have called her insane, and her loud evil-sounding laugh certainly gives the impression that this is correct.

Appearance: Kodachi's hair is worn in a pony-tail, grouped to the side. When expecting a fight she wears a leotard, usually one with her trademark Black Rose design on it. Other times she might be wearing her school uniform, a traditional Japanese kimono, or just ordinary clothes. Her speech is usually formal and proper, even to people she doesn't really respect (brother Tatewaki being a good example).

15 STR 5
23 DEX 39
19 CON 18
12 BODY 4
13 INT 3
8 EGO -4
18 PRE 8
16 COM 3
12 PD 9
10 ED 6
5 SPD 17
7 REC 0
38 END 0
30 STUN 0
Characteristics Cost: 108

3 Acrobatics 14-
1 Acting 8-
3 Breakfall 14-
1 Bribery 8-
3 Climbing 14-
3 Concealment 12-
1 Contortionist 8-
1 High Society 8-
2 SC: Pharmacology 11-
3 Sleight Of Hand 14-
3 Stealth 14-
6 WF,Flails,Lances,Quarterstaff,Whip,Common Melee
5 +5" Superleap 2
9 3 Levels: with gymnastics tools,tight group
10 Money,wealthy
37 VPP (30),only change in given circ,restricted type of
powers,"Only change to available equipment - all thru foci"
(15) 20 STR TK,"Gymnastics Ribbon",OAF 3
(7) 5D6 HA,"Club (8D6 w/STR)",OAF 1
(9) 4D6 HA,"The Blow of a Thousand Clubs (6D6 W/STR)",OAF,x5
Autofire 1
(15) 2D6 RKA,"Razor Hoop",vs physical defense,OAF 3
(12) 2D6 Transform,minor,cumulative,Desc: Paralysis drug --
reversed via antidote,Wears off after several hours,OAF 3
(12) 2D6 Transform,minor,cumulative,Desc: Sleeping drug --
reversed by antidote,Wears off after several hours,OAF 3

Powers Cost: 91
Total Cost: 199

Base Points: 100
10 Distinctive,"Maniacal Laugh",easily concealable,major
15 Psych Lim,"Wants Ranma",common,strong
15 Psych Lim,"Hates to lose, will cheat to win",common,strong
10 Rep,"Psychotic Gymnast",occur 8-,extreme reputation
15 Rivalry,"Akane Tendo (also Shampoo and Ukyo)",romantic,in
superior position,PC rival
5 Unluck,1D6

Disadvantages Total: 70
Experience Spent: 0
Total Points: 170