Ukyo Kuonji's father was a chef who specialized in okonomiyaki, a Japanese entree similar to pizza. He travelled the countryside with his little girl and his yatai (okonomiyaki cart).

The two Kuonjis soon met up with Genma Saotome, a travelling martial artist with a young boy Ranma. Ukyo and Ranma, or "Ucchan" and "Ran-chan" as they called each other, soon became good friends. So good, in fact, that Ukyo's father decided that Ranma and Ukyo should be married. He offered his yatai to Genma if Genma would take Ukyo with him to be Ranma's fiancee.

Genma knew that Ranma had already been promised to Soun Tendo for one of his daughters; but he was never one who could pass up free food. He took the okonomikayi cart, but left Ukyo behind.

Ukyo was devastated at being left behind, and by the resulting taunts of her other friends. She vowed to get even. Okonomiyaki became her life, as she set up her griddle by the raging sea and practiced. She not only became the best okonomiyaki chef in history, but developed a martial arts style entirely based on her confection, fighting with a giant combat spatula and several small throwing ones. She also disguised herself as a boy, giving up her life as a girl because of what had been done to her.

By the time Ukyo had grown into a teenager, she was ready to gain revenge on those who had left her behind. She transferred into Ranma's class at Furinkan high. Soon she fought with Ranma, who only had vague memories of what had happened, and thought that she was a boy.

Ranma soon found out Ukyo's true gender, and told her that she was cute. Ukyo saw how Ranma and Akane were fighting and arguing, and decided she still had a chance at Ranma. She gave up trying to get revenge on him and became yet another one of his suitors.

Personality: Ukyo tries hard to play the perfect friend and fiancee, always kind and understanding; she figures this is the best way to win Ranma's heart. Her bad temper, rivaling Akane's, often makes this difficult. Her skill and reputation as the best okonomiyaki chef ever is also one of the most important things in her life.

Appearance: At school, Ukyo still dresses as a boy. In this mode she wears a boy's school uniform and breast bindings, with her long black hair in a ponytail. At work she is unquestionably feminine; there she usually wears a guerilla-type outfit with her throwing spatulas on a bandoleer across her chest. In either mode her huge combat spatula will normally be strapped across her back.

15 STR 5
23 DEX 39
23 CON 26
10 BODY 0
13 INT 3
11 EGO 2
15 PRE 5
16 COM 3
12 PD 9
10 ED 5
5 SPD 17
8 REC 0
46 END 0
30 STUN 0
Characteristics Cost: 114

3 Acrobatics 14-
3 Breakfall 14-
4 2 Levels: With Big Spatula
1 Stealth 8-
9 6D6 HA, "Big Spatula", OAF 2
15 3D6 EB,"Throwing Spatulas",OAF,x1 Armor Piercing,x5
Autofire,13-16 Charges 0
7 PS: Okonomiyaki Chef 16-
3 Persuasion 12-
5 1" Darkness,"Flour Bomb",Sight,3 Charges,continuing,
duration: extra phase 0
3 +3" Superleap 2

Powers Cost: 53
Total Cost: 167

Base Points: 100
15 Psych Lim,"Wants Ranma",common,strong
15 Psych Lim,"Bad Temper",common,strong
15 Rivalry,"Akane (also Kodachi and Shampoo)",romantic,in
superior position,PC rival
5 Rep,"Great Cook",occur 8-

Disadvantages Total: 50
Experience Spent: 0
Total Points: 150