These are Ranma 1/2 characters who weren't used as players in this game, but were important in the series during the period in which this game was set.

Soun Tendo: The highly emotional father of Kasumi, Nabiki, and Akane. He frequently cries up a storm when things don't go his way, or when they do. Soun very much wants Ranma to marry Akane so that the two families can be joined and the Anything Goes school can be preserved.

Kasumi Tendo: The eldest daughter of the Tendo family. Almost always mild-mannered and kind, she takes care of all the housework and cooking. She often seems oblivious to much of what goes on around the dojo.

Nabiki Tendo: The Tendo family's middle daughter. She's a thoroughly modern girl who loves money. She's always trying to make a profit from the others, like the time when she sold pictures of Akane and Ranma's girl form to Tatewaki.

Genma Saotome: Ranma's father. He often preaches to Ranma about honor, but seems to practice very little of it. He once promised Ranma to Ukyo in exchange for food. When splashed with cold water he turns into a large panda; in this form he can communicate by holding up signs.

Doctor Tofu: The Tendo family physician. He is normally quiet and soft-spoken, with gentle good humor. He is an expert in shiatsu, the use of pressure points. His weakness is Kasumi; when she is present, he goes into a babbling fit.

Hikaru Gosunkugi: Another student at Furinkan high. He is shy and quiet, the type no one notices, and has no fighting skill. Like many others, he has a crush on Akane. He carries a hammer and a voodoo doll, but has never managed to use them except to bang up his finger. He is persistent, however; he once followed Ranma around for days, eventually learning of his fear of cats and being the first to use it against him.

Cologne (Ke Lun): Shampoo's great-grandmother, over a hundred years old. She desperately wants Ranma to marry Shampoo, and she's launched many schemes to try to trap him into it. Her fighting skill (greater than anyone's except maybe Happosai) and her knowledge of magical herbs and the like make her extremely dangerous.

Mousse (Mu Si): A Chinese boy who has wanted to marry Shampoo since they were children. He wears Chinese robes, underneath which he carries an incredible assortment of weapons as well as miscellaneous junk. He has thick glasses, without which he is unable to distinguish one person from another. A Juseknyo curse turns him into a duck when splashed with cold water.

Happosai: The diminutive old master who trained Gemna and Soun. He is a complete pervert who spends most of his time grabbing women's breasts and/or stealing their underwear. Soun and Genma hate him, but are afraid to openly defy him as he is a virtually unbeatable fighter.

Principal Kuno: The Principal of Furinkan High School, who gives new meaning to the word "eccentric". He dresses in a Hawaiian shirt with sunglasses, sandals, a lei, and a ukelele. He loves to invent sadistic school rules as challenges to the students, like the time when he announced that the students would all have their hair cut off unless they found a certain special coconut.