An actual screen shot from my email this morning (with a me-specific link blocked out):

My "nohtml" address filters out HTML formatting and only leaves the text part of the message. It's possible that Roskam's people only filled in the HTML part of the message and left the text one empty. Or they might have sent a blank message by accident. It happens. Can't really blame them for that.

But symbolically, this is too perfect to pass up. There's only one job that Mr. Roskam really cares about: his own. In order to keep his job, he serves the big-money interests that bankroll his campaign. These interests have no desire to see jobs created; they like a high level of unemployment, because it keeps working people too hungry and desperate to effectively fight for their rights.

No doubt if the text of this message had come through, it would have talked about big, scary debt; how we need to destroy Medicare in order to save it; how we need more tax cuts for the rich and austerity for everybody else. These policies won't do anything to create jobs or reduce the debt, as we should know by now from experience. But they're what will benefit Mr. Roskam's sugar daddies, so he tries to con us into thinking they're for our own good.

Thankfully, I'm being redistricted out of Mr. Roskam's neighborhood, and come November might be represented in Congress by somebody with some basic decency.