America Speaking Out has a lot of, shall we say, creative suggestions, but this is my favorite:

This cuontry having to make safe a border. All kind nut peple make way into this great naton for make a trouble. when imgriants come cross a borders, have to catch, humliate by make a caca on a chest and send back home still with a caca on his chest. who going to risk embarass by have to go home to family with caca on chest for all a world to see? and to come back and have a same happen again? this how peples in mine father cuontry do thing and you never hear about illegal mexican come cross a border to his cuontry in a europe.

Well, that certainly clears everything up. (George? Is that you?)

I'm so glad the Republican caucus feels free to spend our tax money on stuff like this. Especially since they've already ruled out adopting any idea they don't already agree with.