I Dream of Ranma

Picture by Bridget Wilde. Click for larger scan.
What if... Ranma had fallen into the Spring of Drowned Genie? While in female form, any wish he hears is fulfilled -- but all wishes are undone when he goes back into male form.

Episode 1: When You Wish Upon a Martial Artist
Episode 2: The Phantom of Furinkan
Episode 3: On the Horns of a Dilemma
Episode 4: I'm Not a Genie, But I Play One On TV
Episode 5: My Dinner With Kasumi

The idea for this came from a couple of different places. One was an "idea" post on the FFML suggesting that (female) Ranma would look good in a genie costume. The other was a British made-for-TV movie called Bernard and the Genie that I happened to rent on VHS; a decent movie in spite of all the annoying product placements. Bernard, a well-meaning schmuck, had a tendency to say things with "I wish" by accident which would unwittingly activate his genie's power.

I'm not exactly objective, of course, but I'd easily call this one of the funniest things I've written -- so much so that I hesitate to continue it. I do have more material in mind for it, including an ending, but nothing that seems like it would be as funny as the existing episodes. Still, I'll probably get back to this one after HaM is finally done.