Megamisama, Masaka?
A parody of Otaku Self-insertion fics. An anime fan is sent by a Goddess into the Ranma 1/2 universe, but things there don't quite go as planned.

Part 1: A Rose Is Not A Rose
Part 2: I'm Here To Help
Part 3: Escape

I'm not sure exactly what precipitated this one. Quite often you would run into people who would claim that they could solve the problems of all of the Ranma cast with a little common sense. And they could, except that common sense really doesn't apply in this universe. There's a force (represented in this fic by the unnamed goddess) that contrives things in order to maintain the status quo. Once you're in the universe, you're as subject to that as the regulars are.

This has the distinction of being the only one of my stories that actually was kind of sort of continued by another author. I say kind of sort of because the guy didn't use much from this story and it's questionable whether he even got the point of it. But those interested can read this MSTed version of it.