The Butt
A parody of a certain "series" many of us love to hate. I edited the first installment. Two sequels were done, The Other Cheek edited by Matt Lewis, and Another Crack edited by Donny Cheng.

What If Ranma Were a Potato?
Angsty Ranma
Altered Bess-tiny
A (Justifiably) Reluctant Butt
This was written for a possible fourth Butt which never actually materialized.
Primarily a parody of The Bet, but my own contributions went after plenty of other targets. The first one was based on a list admin post I made under the Tybalt alias (my own first such post after being invited into the ranks of the list admins) in which I listed "What if Ranma were a potato?" as a silly and pointless fanfic idea. Angsty Ranma is a spoof on a general genre of fanfics that assign feelings to Ranma that he doesn't seem to display in the original series. Altered Bess-tiny is based on a certain premise (what if another of the cast had been with Ranma at Jusenkyo?) that seemed to get used over and over and over. Some of these like Shampoo 1/2 were actually pretty good but most were rather pointless. Finally, A (Justifiably) Reluctant Butt is an actual parody of a scene from a Bet fic in which an Amazon showed up espousing feminism (or Gregg Sharp's concept of it) and got beat up by Akane (I think it was). The fourth Butt edition never happened so this one didn't get used.