Heart's Desire
A multi-author round robin. Each chapter showcases a different character with the chance to make a single wish come true. Read it here.

This was one of my more frustrating experiences in fanfiction. The ending, in my own not exactly objective opinion, was actually quite good, but few people got that far because the middle was so bad, with some authors (most notably David Tatum and Ken Arromdee) pushing the story in their own preferred direction without any regard for story coherence. When I decided to finish it up as the last remaining project lead I assumed iron-fisted editorial control, something of which there had been absolutely none of until then. I invited the other authors to join me in writing the finale; Ethan Tsai was the only one who accepted, and he kind of got the short end of the stick as I ended up rewriting much of the work he submitted to fit how I thought it should go.