Puppy Love
Co-written with Yoiko. It's Ranma's wedding night. Why is Akane acting so strange?

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There's a certain genre of story that you see now and again. Usually written as lemons (fanfictions containing explicit descriptions of sexual activity), these stories pair up the most unlikely of couples and show them having sex. Typically they're only interested in shock value and make no attempt to justify the stories or to convince us that they could happen.

In view of this, I set out to make a "shock lemon" pairing that would be written in a way to make it actually plausible, and came up with an idea for it. Ranma's punchline at the very end, while priceless, was just gravy.

Since at the time my lemon experience — at writing them, I mean; well, okay, that too — was basically zero, I farmed out the lemon bits to my sometimes collaborator, Yoiko. She did the middle and I did the beginning and end. We did most of the story during a One Hour Challenge session, to my knowledge the only time two people in our group worked on the same story during the same hour session.