Kasumi's Syndrome
A story conceived and started by Matt Posner, which I finished. Kasumi's always kept her affliction secret from those outside her family. But one day, Ranma forgets to pick up her medicine from the drug store, and comedy ensues.

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Another case of what might be termed serial collaboration: You write your part, and then I'll do mine. Matt, with whom I'd previously shared an apartment when I worked at the university where he was a student, came up with the idea and wrote the teaser. Our original intention was to kick it back and forth. I came up with the idea of bringing in Ukyo as someone who would have no idea what was going on and wrote some more. By that time Matt had lost interest in doing fanfiction, but I thought there was much potential for humor in the setup so I ended up finishing the rest of it on my own.

My intent, obviously, was not to make fun of persons with disabilities, and I'm sure Matt's wasn't either; I hope this did not offend on that basis but I never heard back from anyone that it did.