Final Embrace
A dark story by Keener Barnes and myself. One of the Ranma 1/2 characters is corrupted by evil power. What will it take before Ranma is able to fight back against the one he loves?

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Keener originally posted the middle part of this as a stand-alone. I thought it needed a twist and posted what is now the ending as an unsolicited follow-up. Not a very courteous thing to do and if I'd known Keener as well as I later did, I might've thought better about it. Fanfic writers are typically thought of as an egotistical lot, and by and large we are, but one only had to meet Keener at the time to realize that we're not all like that. In fact he'd already survived a number of bouts of depression, and what I did may have been a pretty big kick in a fragile ego. Fortunately, things were cleared up, and he was cool with us releasing the finished product as a collaboration after adding an intro.