Invisible Shadows
An Inu-Yasha story. Years after the events of the series, Kagome is in the present day and imprisoned in an institution for the criminally insane. A reporter comes to learn her story.

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Expect a revised version of this at some point since Inu-Yasha now has an official ending.
The idea for this is simple: Present-day Kagome is actually (and has been all along) living in a world similar to that of An Awakening of Demons, in which demons exist as a secret super-society and influence human events without anyone knowing. After the events of IY, she comes back to the present and the enhanced sensitivity she'd acquired tells her that not all is as it seems. In order to discredit her they frame her for murder.

When I first started writing this story, IY was maybe halfway through its run; so I was in the position of writing a continuation without knowing how the series would end. I came up with my own ending, which ended up not at all close to the real one when it eventually came out. Now that that's happened I'll probably do a revision.

Those expecting to see more in which Inu-Yasha comes from the past and destroys the present-day demons with his sword or something like that should go back and re-read the dream sequence where Kikyo talks to Kagome. This is a war that will be won not through violence (or at least not primarily that way) but by getting the truth to the public and organizing a resistance.