Miscellaneous Shorts
A Name To Agree On
Pantyhose wants Happosai to give him a new name. But which one?

Jusenkyo curses are communicable?

My most recent (as of the creation of this revised website) shorts.

A Name to Agree On: Something that's been in the back of my mind since reading Scott Pollert's fic way back when. This would be the only name that both Happosai and a reasonable person might agree on. (My son is named Theodore, so I should emphasize that this wasn't why we picked the name. Really.)

Intercurse: Another idea that's been in my head for quite a while. At least I can't think of anything from the original series that would disprove the premise. The Musk used the Zhishuitong to lock animals into place as human women, which would've prevented transfer of the curse. You'd have to assume that Genma and Nodoka never had sex after the latter caught up with the former in Volume 22. I've always thought that training under Happosai ruined Genma's drives. Or maybe they insist on doing it twice in a night out of some weird superstition.