Ukyo's Quest

Picture by GK after Takahashi

Quest for Justice

The first story (the only one actually written so far) was originally released under the title Justice. That was meant to indicate the quest, not (necessarily) the result, but people justifiably felt that it could be interpreted as both and suggested changing it. The story itself came out of a character argument between myself and noted Ukyo fan Sean Conner, where the latter insisted that Ranma had to marry Ukyo because of his pledge (made under some rather questionable circumstances) to take care of her forever. As you can imagine, certain parties didn't exactly care for this story, and denounced it as a character bash. I didn't agree, but if people want to be angry then I don't mind giving them something to be angry about, so you will find Ukyo-dog references scattered subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) through the other fanfics on this site.

There will be more installments in this series if I get the chance to write them: Quest 2 will be for fairness, and Quest 3 will be for fulfillment or something to that effect.