Early Shorts
Painful Revenge
My belated entry into the Fanfic Mailing List's collection of Revengefic stories. These all involve characters coming into the real world and taking revenge on fanfic authors for stories the characters didn't like being in.

Another Bad Crossover Idea
A short silly little thing. See if you can guess just what this is a crossover with before the end.

The Sign
Ranma looks for inspiration to help him decide whether or not to marry Akane.

The story of Ranma's meeting with a childhood friend, retold in song. You probably already know the tune.

Here's some of the earliest stuff that I ever wrote. For the most part it can stand without comment.

One piece here, called Painful Revenge for lack of a better title, is interesting, not because it's any good — I'd call it easily the most pointless thing in this set except for the songfic which is Ukyo's story set to "Lola" — but because of what it shows about author psychology. When I first wrote it it ended with my talking the characters out of wanting to harm me and into a course that led to their own self-destruction. Fortunately it occured to me, before I sent it out, that, especially coming from an at the time unknown author, that this could just possibly be perceived as self-gratification. (And there just might be some basis to those rumors of Papal Catholicism.) So I tacked on the ending in which it was all a hoax that they'd put on to make a fool of me. I guess this is a phase that maybe all authors go through, but I was fortunate enough to go through mine while no one was looking.